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December 04, 2024
InterContinental - The O2
1 Waterview Drive


Step out of your day-to-day and empower yourself with the latest trends, tools, and strategies to propel your customer function to new heights.


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Elevating customer success: From support function to revenue-driving growth engine

Franca-Sofia Fehrenbach, Head of Customer Success, PlanRadar

The steps and gaps in the journey from customer success to customer centricity

Heidi Rhodes, Global Head of Customer Success, Meta

Aligning org-wide initiatives through CS operations

Roger Mendez, Global Lead, Customer Success Operations & Strategy, Cisco

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  • Discover the latest trends and leverage industry innovations to deliver world-class customer interactions that drive adoption and expansion.

  • Trade perspectives and form lasting relationships within our global community of C-suite customer leaders.

  • Acquire the skills you need to accelerate growth through increased customer satisfaction - prove the strategic value of your customer function.

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Break the cycle

Step away from the daily grind. Get the insights you need to stay ahead of the competition and keep up to date with key industry trends.


Take advantage of this rare opportunity to build lasting connections within your community of C-suite customer leader peers.

Pave the way for growth

Share ideas, solve challenging problems, and trade perspectives with fellow C-suite leaders to strategise for future, sustainable growth.

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December 04, 2024
InterContinental - The O2
Chief Customer Officer Summit

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Focus your efforts on better surfacing value for your customers at each stage of their journey to increase adoption and expansion.

Value realization

Product Marketing Manager

Harness the power of AI: Discover how to balance increasing automation whilst maintaining a human-centric strategy.

Emerging technology

Product Marketing Manager

Become a leader within your Exec function and engage key stakeholders across your business to improve team dynamics, drive efficiencies, and accelerate growth.

Stakeholder engagement

Product Marketing Manager

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Differentiate your product in competitive markets by delivering personalization at scale with efficient CS operations and integrated automation.


Product Marketing Manager

Optimize complex onboarding to immediately surface real value for your customers to reduce early-stage churn and protect long-term growth.

Crush churn

Product Marketing Manager

Lead a world-class customer org filled with high-performing individuals to unlock transformational growth and drive increased revenue.

Strategies to scale

Product Marketing Manager

December 04, 2024
InterContinental - The O2


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