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SVP Global Customer Success
Neelu Shaikh is a renowned customer success leader with over two decades of experience driving operational excellence and delivering exceptional customer experiences at industry giants like Google Cloud, Coupa, and Kaiser. As the SVP of Global Customer Success at ZoomInfo, she spearheads strategies focused on customer-centricity and building strong client relationships. Neelu has consistently achieved industry-leading metrics like revenue retention, renewal rates, and operational KPIs by leveraging data-driven insights across enterprises of varying scales. Her unique combination of strategic vision and operational expertise has made a significant impact. At the forefront of adopting cutting-edge technologies, Neelu is revolutionizing customer experiences through hyper-personalization enabled by Generative AI (Gen-AI). Neelu's vision for integrating Gen-AI into customer experience strategies positions her as an industry leader driving transformative change and unparalleled customer delight.